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Collaboration with Artist Charles Gaines “Tilted Tower,” Highline, New York, New York

255_Gains Highline_rendering 02_web.jpg
The artist Charles Gaines asked us to collaborate with him to produce an artwork for the Highline in New York City. “Tilted Tower” is a 45-foot aluminum obelisk with a column of chambers, tilted at an angle of 82 degrees leaning towards the United States Postal Service Morgan General Mail Facility building. Inside each chamber is a replica of a mailbox with a plaque dedicated to a discontinued New York-area newspaper. The work pays homage to the United States Postal Service and print journalism, two institutions that have historically bridged the space between democracy and capitalism.
255_Gaines_Highline_Model client_low_02 and 06.jpg
255_Gains Highline_rendering 01_web.jpg

Status: Unbuilt
Year: 2017
Height: 45 FT 

In collaboration with artist Charles Gaines
Project Team: Peter Tolkin, Sarah Lorenzen, Chris Crolle, Albert Escobar, Ismaelly Pena
Images of Physical Model, Courtesy of the Artist