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XYYXXY Accessible Restroom

Located at the intersection of sculpture and architecture, XYYXXY Accessible Restroom is designed as a counterpoint to the “normative” bathroom. The plan takes the shape of a disfigured cross with a “non-gendered” toilet or urinal stall located at the end of each spoke. The impetus for the project was North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” HB2, which sought to restrict the bathroom transgender people can use. XYYXXY emblematizes the cultural issues at play in these so-called “Potty Laws,” as well as other historic civil rights laws, that have sought to define how restrooms are designed and used.

Status: Built
Year: 2018
Model Size: 1'-0" = 1"

The XYYXXY Accessible Restroom was on exhibit at "PLAY (things)", an exhibition of juried pavilion design proposals, at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum as part of the 2018 ACSA Fall Conference PLAY with the Rules. Exhibition Dates : October 18, 2018 – January 27, 2019

Project Team: Peter Tolkin, Sarah Lorenzen, Erin Day , Socrates Medina
Photographer: Peter Tolkin